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Fiesta meeting point

Please allow plenty of time to get to Fiesta meeting point - it will be very busy! A member of the ABC Flights team will meet you, to escort you to the balloon, 45 minutes before take-off. Please don't be late, or you may miss your flight.

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Ashton Court covers almost 1,000 acres and during the Balloon Fiesta, up to 100,000 people converge on to site - especially at Night Glows and evening flights. If you can walk to site or use public transport please do so. ABC Flights and other balloon operators, have a dedicated Fiesta meeting point at the western end of the main launch site and this is where we meet our passengers. You will be given a time to meet us and it is essential that you are not late. A member of the ABC team will be there and will escort you to your balloon and introduce you to the Crew. It is quite likely that the Pilot will be at the Flight Briefing so you will need to stay close to the balloon basket and please do not wander around the arena - there can be many hidden dangers, such as tether ropes which attach balloons to vehicles. After the briefing, your Pilot will introduce himself and give you all of the details regarding weather and anticipated take-off time. He will also give you a full safety briefing, so please listen carefully.

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Thirty years of commercial balloon flying experience, with a background of senior management in sales and marketing, guarantees that we deliver our Client's expectations and results - every time!
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Sally deals with all finance matters.
Operations Manager - Becky Macfarlane
Becky held Management positions in Retail for 15 years, before joining ABC and runs balloon operations -

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