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Subject Access Form

Please click on the button below to download the Subject Access Form. This must be completed in full and returned to our office address.

Subject Access Form

Please complete this form and post to -
Airship & Balloon Company Ltd.
82, Henbury Road,
Bristol BS10 7AA
Section 1
Details of the Data Subject (to whom the information relates)
Tick box as appropriate:
Mr    Mrs    Miss    Ms    Other                               

Surname/family name:

Maiden/former name(s):
(if applicable)

First name(s):

(tick box as appropriate)

Residential address:


This must not be a PO Box address. This address is where the requested
information will be sent unless an alternative delivery address is explicitly stated at the time of the application.

Current address (if residing at this address for less than two years, please also provide your previous address).


Previous address (if required)


*Primary contact telephone number:

*Email address:

Male     Female






*These are not mandatory but will be helpful in case you need to be contacted

Section 2
Request for information
Please describe the information you require in as much detail as possible in order for us to locate it for you.
Section 3
Proof of identity
To help establish your identity, your application must be accompanied by copies of at least two different official documents.  Between them, these documents should provide sufficient information to verify your name, current address and signature.  Examples of such documents are: passport, driving license, birth/adoption certificate, latest council tax bill, a recent utility bill, income tax notification from HM Revenue
& Customs, National Identity Card (non-UK nationals), bank statement and NHS medical card.
Airship & Balloon Company Ltd. reserves the right to ask for original documentation  in some cases.  All original documents will be returned by post.

Section 4
A cheque or postal order in the sum of £10 and made payable to Airship & Balloon Company Ltd. is required to process your request.  Please write your name and full address on the back of the payment in BLOCK CAPITALS.

Section 5
Third party application and declaration (if applicable)
If you are acting on behalf of the Data Subject, whose information is listed in Section 1, you must complete this section with your details and also attach a signed letter of authority from the Data Subject. You must also ensure that the Data Subject has signed this application form at Section 6 and provided their identification documents in accordance with Section 3 above.
Tick box as appropriate:

Mr    Mrs    Miss    Ms    Other                               

Full name:

(tick box as appropriate)

Male     Female

Residential address:
Please include postcode.

*Primary contact telephone  number:

*Email address:


*These are not mandatory but will be helpful in case you need to be contacted
Declaration of third party:
I confirm that I am acting on behalf of the Data Subject and attach an appropriate letter of authority from the
Data Subject and the required proofs of identity as set out in Section 3.

Section 6
Data Subject declaration
I confirm that the information provided on this application is accurate and true at the time of this request and I
am the person to whom the information in Section 1 relates.


I understand that it is necessary for Airship & Balloon Company Ltd. to confirm my identity and that it may be necessary for the ABC to obtain more detailed information from me in order to locate the information I have requested.


I confirm that I am seeking access to personal information about myself in accordance with this request.



Time limit for responding
As soon as you have (a) supplied sufficient information, (b) your cheque or postal order has been received, and (c) your application is confirmed as valid, ABC will gather the information you require and respond to your request as soon as possible and within no more than 30 calendar days.
Redaction of data
In order to comply with the Data Protection Act 1998, ABC may be required to redact (withhold, suppress or obscure) certain information from the documentation that is sent to you. This could be because disclosure of the information would breach confidentiality of another individual from whom ABC has not sought or had permission from to disclose this information to you, or because of the nature of the information or the effect its disclosure is likely to have.
Returning the form
This completed form, proofs of identity, fee (and letter of authority if a third party is applying on the Data
Subject’s behalf), should be sent by post to:
Data Security Compliance Manager
   Airship & Balloon Company Ltd. 82, Henbury Road, Bristol BS10 7AA
If you have any questions about this process, please contact the Data Security Compliance Manager (above) in writing.

Please note that the information supplied to Airship & Balloon Company in this request will be used to administer this request for the purposes registered by Airship & Balloon Company Ltd. Limited, the data controller, with the Information Commissioner’s Office under reference ABC2018.

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