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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions are very important as your safety and well being is paramount to us. Please read and understand the ABC Flights Terms & Conditions, before you book to fly with us.

We should draw particular attention to the following points -

4. Postponement 4.1 You may postpone your Flight reservation: - 4.1.1 Up to 36 hours before the meeting time for the Flight if the Flight is booked for a day between Tuesday to Saturday inclusive, 4.1.2 If the Flight is booked for a Saturday or Sunday, you must give the Flight Provider 72 hours notice of postponement, 4.2 Any postponement must be by telephone to an operator during office hours – E mail, Text or answering phone messages cancelling a flight are not acceptable. 4.3 If you do not give notice of postponement in accordance with this Clause and are not at the meeting point in time to take part in your scheduled Flight, you will not be entitled to a re-scheduled flight nor to any refund.

5 Flight Conditions 5.1. The Flight Voucher will entitle you to participate in a Flight at a date to be arranged within 12 months of its purchase including, where appropriate, watching the preparation and inflation of the Balloon for the Flight, approx 1 hrs flight, and a champagne toast on landing. 5.2.1 The Flight Provider will schedule flights in each area of operation on at least 4 occasions a month during the main flying season (April-September). 5.2.2 If flight vouchers have been purchased for specific flight times, i.e., mid week morning or mid week evening flights these will also be available on at least 4 occasions a month during the main flying season. However, the flight provider may offer to upgrade your restricted flight voucher without cost if the flight provider has restricted availability for these specific flight times. 5.3 Flights are dependent upon the weather conditions and are regulated under the Air Navigation Order. It may be necessary to postpone a Flight at any time if in the judgement of the Pilot or the Flight Provider conditions are not safe, or the Flight would not be permitted under the Air Navigational Order. The Flight Provider will give you as much warning as operational procedures allow of the Flight postponement, but this could be any time up to and including the moment of launch. 5.4 In the event of a Flight being cancelled due to adverse weather conditions or for any other reason by the Flight Provider, alternative dates will be offered as soon as reasonably possible after the cancelled Flight. 5.5 The Flight Provider does not accept liability for any costs or expenses or damages consequential or otherwise the Buyer or Voucher Holder has or may incur if the Flight Provider has postponed or cancelled any Flight for any reason. 5.6 It is intended that the Balloon Flight will last for approximately 45 minutes to 1 hour, but the Pilot has ultimate responsibility for deciding the duration and conduct of any Flight. The Pilot is responsible for deciding the appropriate time and place of any landing. The Flight Provider cannot guarantee that the Flight will follow any particular direction or land at a specific location or last for a specific length of time. 5.7 If due to circumstances beyond the control of the Flight Provider, the Flight Provider has to withdraw or change any advertised launch site, an alternative location will be offered at a distance of no more than 20 miles from the original site. 5.8 The Flight Provider reserves the right to change launch sites if the wind direction or airspace restrictions prevent safe flight on your chosen day. In this instance the Flight will be transferred to the nearest suitable launch site at a distance of no more than 20 miles from the original site unless longer distances are advised at the time of booking.

8. Fitness to fly 8.1 The Flight Provider is not qualified to express an opinion confirming that you are fit to fly. It is your responsibility to ensure that you are fit to fly. You must not fly if you are suffering from any serious medical condition or have recently undergone surgery unless you have a certificate confirming your fitness to fly from your doctor. You must not fly if you are pregnant or under the influence of alcohol or drugs. 8.2 The Flight Provider’s paramount consideration is your safety and the safety of other passengers participating in the Flight. You must obey all requests and instructions issued by the Pilot or any of the Flight Providers representatives and take particular care to abide by all safety instructions given. The Pilot has complete discretion as to whether to allow you to take part in the Flight and will refuse to allow you to do so if in his opinion you would be a danger to the Balloon, the other passengers or to yourself.

8.3 You must adhere to the ABC Flights Policy regarding Social Distancing, mask wearing and hand sanitizing and you will be informed of the current Policy at the time of your flight. All of our Pilots and Crew have been triple vaccinated and ABC will only fly passengers who have received a full course of Covid-19 vaccinations. The Flight Policy will be based on UK Government, Department of Transport and Civil Aviation guidelines at the time of your flight.

10 Additional Provisions 10.1 Due to restrictions in the lifting capacity of the Balloons, individual passengers weighing over 85 kilos will be charged a surcharge of £75.00 for the Flight. The money is to be payable to the Flight Provider at the time of booking. 10.2 The Flight Provider will not fly children under the age of 7 years. A child under the age of 16 years will only be flown if accompanied by a responsible adult.

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