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Bookings for September still open.

Flying with ABC ABC Flights offer intimate, memorable adventures, as you fly over the spectacular English countryside. Our aim is to provide you with an interactive experience of being involved and being wowed with your flight. Our baskets take only 4 passengers + Pilot, which means you are far more involved with the flight. We deliver this personal service to you at all times from the moment you book, to the personalised Flight Certificate which we send to you, a few days after your flight. The Flight Voucher will entitle you to participate in a Flight at a date to be arranged within 12 months of its purchase including, where appropriate, watching the preparation and inflation of the Balloon for the Flight, approximately 1 hr. flight and a champagne toast on landing. Ballooning is an outdoor activity and you should wear suitable clothing, including long trousers and sleeves, preferably in natural fibres and suitable footwear. A baseball cap is a good idea and long hair must be secured - oh and don’t forget your camera! After arriving at the launch site, you view the preparation of your private balloon flight. Once ready, you climb into the basket and drift away for the experience of a lifetime - the flight lasts about an hour. When we have landed and the balloon is packed away, we celebrate your flight with a Champagne toast, then return to the launch site by Land Rover. Please allow 3-4 hours for the whole adventure

Booking your flight

To book, we strongly recommend that you check the availability of flights and current prices - simply email indicating your preferred date and type of flight.

We will get back to you quickly to confirm price and availability and email you a PayPal invoice. As soon as we receive confirmation of payment from PayPal we will email your Flight Voucher.

All bookings are subject to our Terms & Conditions and are also subject to weight restrictions of 85 Kg. per person, average per booking for Exclusive Flights. All hot air balloons have a maximum lifting capacity, based on their size, ambient temperature and passengers weights. Passengers who weigh more than 85 Kg. may be subject to an additional booking fee - please see our full Terms & Conditions for details before you book a flight.
All payments remain in the PayPal account until you are flown by ABC, so you know your money is safe.
Please read our Terms & Conditions before booking.


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